Solid Waste Management at Calcutta Riverside

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Hiland Group has been a pioneer in providing a luxurious and wholesome living experience since its inception in 2000, and has developed a number of premium residential spaces in and around Kolkata. We aim to create a community that offers luxury and comfort in an environment-friendly surrounding.

Trying to be more than a mere developer, we have started Solid Waste Management in our developing township, Calcutta Riverside at Maheshtala. Maheshtala does not have enough area to accommodate the waste from our project site. Thus we decided to help our residents from this problem by initiating solid waste management and be a responsible developer.

Solid waste management refers to the effective treatment of waste material from generation at the source through the recovery processes to disposal. The three R’s to cut down the amount of waste we throw are- reduce, reuse and recycle. At Hiland, presently, we are emphasizing on the ‘Reduce’ factor.

There are about 3000 laborers staying in the labor huts and on an average 900-1000 kg of waste is generated. This segregated waste then is treated in the compost machine with microbe and is fermented. It is then kept in crates with perforation for aeration and placed in the curing system. After 8-12 days this becomes manure which is then used in gardening purpose and to maintain the golf course. Apart from resulting air pollution, ground water contamination and soil contamination, open dumping of wastes generally becomes breeding ground for various dreadful diseases causing pathogens and vectors. Thus, scientific disposal of solid waste is needed to make a sustainable future with healthy and hygienic environment.

Taking the initiative to include solid waste management in the township, Hiland, not only has benefited the residents but also the entire society. If only we could make everyone, aware of the hazards of dumping any waste in open areas, then we can make our city clean and green.

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